Largest Islands in the Philippines

10 Best and Largest Islands in the Philippines

As you probably know, the Philippines is simply paradise on Earth. This amazing country is home to over 7600 islands and only 2000 of them are inhabited. Some of these islands are the perfect destination for your vacation and some others are battling to be the world record of the largest island on Earth.

In this article of Blog Refugee, we would like to introduce and count down the 10 largest islands in the Philippines that you have visit one day.

1. Luzon

Largest Islands in the Philippines

Luzon is the first and the biggest island on our list. It is roughly 109,965 km2. Luzon hasn’t been on our list by luck. This island is not only the largest and probably most populated island in the Philippines it is also famously the 15th largest island on this planet, measured of course by land area.

The island of Luzon is located in the northern part of the Philippines and it is considered to be the nation’s economic and political hub. This amazing island is home to over 50 million people which is more than half of the Philippines’ total population. Due to this alone, it has achieved the 4th most populated island in the world.

2. Mindanao

Largest Islands in the Philippines

Mindanao is the second-largest island in the Philippines with 97,530 km2. Mindanao is rather different from any other island you know and heard of. Mindanao a massive mountainous island in the southern Philippines. This island stretches for nearly 300 miles from north to south and encompassed by Bohol, Celebes, and Sulu sea. This amazing island is, yes you guessed it right, volcanic wonder.

Not only this island is the second largest in the country it is also home to Mount Apo which is the tallest peak in the Philippines. In addition, it is the highest concentration of different ethnic minorities in this amazing and gorgeous country. For example, Maranao, Maguindanao, and of course the Sangil people.

The people who live on the island make living through agriculture. The main crops that you can find and buy on this island are rice, corn, fruits, and let’s not forget coffee and cacao.

3. Samar

Largest Islands in the Philippines

Samar island is the third on our list with 1333,429 km2 landmass. Samar island is the most easterly located island of the Visayas group in the center of this gorgeous and magical country. This amazing island is surrounded by the Philippine sea, Samar sea, and San Bernardino Strait.

Samar is made up of three provinces and it is connected to Leyte by the San Juanico Strait. Due to its natural beauty, about a third of this island is protected by Samar Island Natural Park. Samar doesn’t have the iconic mountains that other islands have on our list. However, it is still largely a hilly island with scenic coastal plains and flood lands.

4. Negros

Largest Islands in the Philippines

Negros is the fourth island in this article of largest islands in the Philippines with 13,310 km2 landmass. From above, Negros island looks like a boot. This boot-shaped island is one of the Visayas island clusters. It is close to the Visayan Sea in the north and the Sulu Sea in the south.

The Negros island in the Philippines is famous for its agricultural and mining resources that have made this island one of the wealthiest regions in this beautiful country that everyone should visit at least once in their life.

Most of the land is made up of sugar mills, sugarcane plantations, coal or copper mines as well as rice, coconuts, and other popular fruits in this tropical paradise. Besides, due to its underwater life, Negros reefs, and coral gardens make it perfect for divers.

5. Palawan

Largest Islands in the Philippines

Palawan is one of the famous and largest islands in the Palawan province with 12,189 km2 landmass. Palawan is in between both the South China Sea and the Sulu Sea. the island is the first tourist destination for most foreigners who travel to the Philippines for the first time.

In this list of largest islands in the Philippines, you may have heard Palawan most of the time, especially in documentaries, and TV shows like 90 days fiance. Most visitors enjoy its amazing jungle scenery and gorgeous white-sand beaches as well as the epic wildlife it has. In 2016, the island of Palawan was voted the most beautiful island in the world by Travel + Leisure as well as Conde Nast Traveller.

6. Panay

Panay is a triangular-shaped island and it is 12,011 km2 of the landmass. The island of Panay is the most westerly of the Visayan Islands in the central of this gorgeous country. In addition, it is the fourth most populated island in the Philippines with over 4.5 million people.

Panay is the perfect destination for tourists who like exploring its countless and mysterious caves and rivers. Thus, if you are interested in mysterious places, we highly recommend visiting the island of Panay in the Philippines.

7. Mindoro

Mindoro is a large island with 10,572 km2 landmass located southwest of the Luzon island and northeast of Palawan. The island of Mindoro is home to over a million people and it is split into two provinces. Oriental Mindoro and Occidental Mindoro.

The island of Mindoro is known for its deep valleys, and tamaru water buffalo that you won’t be able to found anywhere else on this planet. In addition, Mindoro is great for fly and flop holidays with its hot and gorgeous white-sand beaches, rivers and lakes.

8. Leyte

Leyte is yet another gorgeous Visayan archipelago island with 7,368 km2 landmass and it is considered to be one of the largest islands in the Philippines. Leyte was once home to the 16th-century Spanish explorers known as the Tandaya. Also, the island is most famous for the long battle in the Gulf against the Japanese in World War II.

Today, this island offers nothing but peaceful farmers who farm rice, corn, tobacco, and coconuts. Which are the most important trades of the Leyte island.

9. Cebu

Cebu, personally I have a connection with the island of Cebu. I have a great friend there named Xyza O. Cebu is 4,468 km2 landmass and it is known as the Queen of the south in the Philippines and Visayas region. In addition, Cebu is the 126th largest island on Earth. This beautiful island is covered with beautiful beaches, limestone hills, and amazing coral atolls.

Cebu is home to over 3.5 million wonderful people. This island is considered to be a tropical paradise. Cebu has an interesting history of Spanish colonial and you may find its traces around the island.

10. Bohol

Largest Islands in the Philippines

Bohol is one of the largest islands in the Philippines on this list. The island of Bohol is oval-shaped and it is 3,821 km2 of the landmass. The island is characterized by picturesque coral reefs, indigenous, stone churches, and thousands of brown-hued Chocolate hills.

On the island of Bohol you can find 162 miles of coastline on the main island. In addition, there are 70-plus satellite islands located around the island which makes it perfect for tourists to visit.

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