10 Reasons To Visit Norway

10 Best Reasons to Visit Norway

As you know Norway is a Scandinavian country that is best known for its beautiful scenery, surreal fjords, and most importantly its remote location. Norway shares its borders with Sweden, Finland, and Russia. However, most of Norway’s coast is on the verge of the Arctic Ocean which explains the amazing views over the ocean.

Norway has many large historic cities with amazing cathedrals and a friendly population who would tend to explore it is outdoors. If you are looking for a getaway vacation, in this article of BlogRefugee, we would like to introduce the top 10 reasons why you should visit Norway at any time of the year. Also, here’s 10 reasons to visit the Philippines.

However, due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the borders may be closed or restricted to travelers from some regions of the world.

1. Fjords

reason to visit norway

You may have seen this place on the popular Netflix show the Vikings. A fjord is a place where a long sea inlet is found between two massive high cliffs. In Norway, fjords are considered to be common and they are the most beautiful natural attractions in the world. If you planning to visit a Scandinavian country your trip wouldn’t complete without seeing fjords up close. Most fjords in Norway are considered to be along the western coastline. Sognefjorden which is the longest fjord in all Europe can be found alongside the western coastline.

2. Northern Lights

reason to visit norway

Northern lights are also known as Aurora Borealis. These lights can be a major reason as to why you should visit Norway. In winter, your chances are higher to spot them as the nights are longer. The further you head north, the better you can see the magical Northern Lights. The best location to catch the Northern Lights in Norway is Tromso thanks to its proximity to the Arctic Circle.

3. Selfie Opportunities for Instagram

reason to visit norway

If you are an Instagram influencer are a photo blogger or someone who loves taking a great shot, Norway is the best country to satisfy your “taking pictures” urges. Many Instagram influencers have traveled to Norway solely for the purpose of taking an amazing picture for their Instagram profiles. For example, Kjeragbolten is an iconic boulder caught between two huge cliffs. Words cannot describe the beauty of this place.

Moreover, at Pulpit Rock, you can take an incredible selfie on a sheer cliff face that overlooks the amazing blue water. In Norway, you can find a lot of great locations to take wonderful pictures with your loved ones or for your loved ones.

4. Wildlife

reason to visit norway

Directly north of the Norwegian mainland is the Svalbard Archipelago, which is a collection of islands with both small and large populations of people and amazing wildlife. Before heading to any of these islands, you can book guided tours that are available from the Longyearbyen settlements where you can walk off to catch polar bears in their natural habitat.

Polar bears are majestic creatures. However, don’t forget that they are extremely dangerous and protective over their cubs and often territories. Thus, if you are planning to go to Norway and visit polar bears, we highly recommend going there with guides and registered tours.

5. Coastal Towns

reason to visit norway

As you may have seen Norway from maps, this amazing country boasts hundreds of miles of coastline. Thus, there is absolutely no shortage of gorgeous looking and friendly coastal towns that is highly recommend to visit. If you are an architect and are fond of old and traditional buildings, then you have another reason to visit the coastal towns of Norway.

Most town residents work in local businesses such as fishing and local culinary staples including dried and salted cod. One of the big examples of these coastal towns is Alesund which is located on a row of islands that offers breathtaking views as well as amazing hiking opportunities.

6. Waterfalls

Due to the geological location of Norway, there are plenty of glaciers and also an abundance of waterfalls. Most waterfalls in Norway are powerful and considered to be breathtaking attractions throughout the year. Most waterfalls in Norway can be found in the western fjords and the mountains. But they can be found scattered throughout the country. One of the best waterfalls in Norway is called Mardalsfossen which is indeed a large, powerful, and year-round waterfall where you can stay close to it and snap a picture or two.

7. Stave Churches

In the old days, large churches were made purely out of stone and Norway is no different. It is possible to find grand and gorgeous looking churches made entirely out of wood and stone. However, stave churches are representative of the old woodworking industry ages that for long has been part of the Norwegian culture and history.

These churches are scattered around Norway. But the most impressive one is the amazing Heddal Stave Church. This amazing building was constructed in the 13th century and it is the largest wooden stave church in the country.

8. Hiking

As you know Norway has many beautiful outdoor natural beauty. Thus, it is normal for people to go out and about hiking in Norway. Due to the laws and relegations of Norway, hiking is made easier for the general public. You can find walking paths as well as camping spots. In addition, if you are up for a challenge you can head over to the Galdhøpiggen which is the highest mountain in Norway. If however, you are looking for a far less intense peak, we recommend Rondane National Park where you have a chance to spot reindeers in their natural habitats.

9. Fisherman’s Cabins

Lofoten Archipelago is a collection of islands off the northern coast of the amazing country of Norway and definitely a reason to visit Norway. These islands are among the most gorgeous spots in the country but mostly they are popular for their manmade fisherman’s cabins. These cabins are built right along the coastline. Some of them are called rorbu and have been built on stilts. Some of these cabins can be rented out overnight which can be the perfect getaway for couples and families.

10. Skiing

The last but not least reason to visit Norway is its ski season. Throughout the winter, a lot of places in Norway are ideal for both cross-country and downhill skiing. If you are an adrenaline junky, we recommend visiting Norway in the winter and check out Hemsedal, which is known for its world-class ski resorts and dozens of slopes. However, Hafjell is yet another winter sports attractions of the country that boasts alpine and cross-country tracks.

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