Attractions of Austria

Top 10 Attractions of Austria

European countries usually provide spectacular landscapes from nature. All of the seasons are great and you can see paintings of The Creator of Beauties everywhere. One of the countries that have many visit-able attractions, is Austria.

The tourist destinations of this country are also very various. It’s become a tourist location and it’s wonderful for its passengers. Lots of the tours that are held for Christmas in Austria also have their landscapes and historic attractions.

Austria with mountainous weather and unique landscapes is the haven for tourists. Besides these, it also has impressive cultural locations and museums and modern galleries that are everywhere in this country. Austria is definitely one of the destinations for all seasons.

Beautiful Spring and refreshing weather, mild Summer, colorful Autumn, and Winters that despite their coldness are so beautiful that you won’t regret going there. You won’t believe if we say that the population of some cities is less than tourists there.

In this article of Blog Refugee, we would like to introduce the top 10 attractions of Austria.

1. The Vienna city

The Capital of Austria and the sample of European life in Vienna is the first attraction of Austria on our list. Although there are modern places there, you can’t deny it’s traditional texture. Street theatres, ballets, operas, musical shows, galleries, etc could not destroy this city’s traditional effects. Several royal castles and wonderful museums are in Vienna.

Home of the rulers of Habsburg is also in this city and the architecture of its historic locations is unique. A glorious city and music cradle that has grown well culturally, socially and economically.

2. The Salzburg city

The fourth-largest city of Austria is Salzburg. It’s located near the border of Germany and it’s the birthplace of the famous musician, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. Many people also know this city as Mozart. Lots of tourists go up to a high mountain to visit a castle belonging to the middle ages with the breathtaking landscapes of the Alp mountains.

It’s the second most important tourist location in Austria and since the 17th century, this place has become a heaven for tourists because of its special animal species, citrus trees, and beautiful fountains.

3. The Graz City

There’s a city for students in Austria which has saved its traditional texture well with 6 valid universities and more than 44000 students and you can see the Italian culture in this city clearly. It has several museums and international food there is amazing. One of the traditional products of this city is pumpkin seed oil which can be a unique souvenir from your trip to Austria.

4. The Wachau Valley

Our fourth attraction of Austria is located the Danube River that is famous for its unique landscape and delicious fruit. It has delicious apricots. This valley is one of the most important tourism destinations for tour holders. It has almost 500 monuments and they attract lots of tourists there.

5. The Innsbruck City

attractions of austria

The city of Innsbruck is the destination of many ski players. An amusement that attracts lots of its fans there. The landscapes of this city are also spectacular in winter. It has its own attractions and could be so visitable for tourists. There’s also a Church in this city that is great for photography because of its unique architecture.

6. Salzkammergut

attractions of austria

This is a very appealing recreational place in Austria. It has clear lakes and green mountains. The two Hallstatt and Wolfgang are also in Salzkammergut and they have infinite beauties. Its Healing mineral water and great spas are famous. It’s that kind of recreation place that is included in plans of most of the Austria tours and gives the passengers and tourists a special peace.

7. Zell am See

attractions of austria

The lakes and the mountains that exist in the Zell am See made it extremely famous. Playing ski in this location is very enjoyable and international ski competitions are held there every year. A Church named “Hippolyte” is also built there in Roman architecture style that refers to the 16th century.

8. Anton Am Arlberg Village

attractions of austria

You can’t be a professional skier and not know this village. This is the haven of skiers with no words. Anton Am Arlberg village which is a great destination for cold tourists and people that their tourism season starts in winter is placed between the Tyrol mountains and has a unique ski resort with a suitable slope for amateurs and great heights for professional ski players with spectacular landscapes and convenient subjects for professional photographers.

9. Hallstatt Village

attractions of austria

The next attraction of Austria on our list is a small but very beautiful village in Austria that is combined with the warm colors of its buildings. It has good weather and its attractions are wonderful for tourists. The Hallstatt village has several tours itself and you can travel to Austria just to visit this village.

10. The Alpbach Village

attractions of austria

The most beautiful village in Austria and last attraction of Austria on our list is called the Alpbach village because it’s located in a snow-covered mountain and it’s full of beautiful wooden houses with those chimneys that are caused by lighted fireplaces that you’ve seen on all Austria’s postal cards.

It has many animal husbandry and native farms and it has saved the tradition of the old Austria well. Winter amusements for winter tourists are also open there and can be one of the greatest destinations for Christmas trips.

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